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Enrolling Children Ages 2 to 5 years old

Children are admitted on a first come, first serve basis depending on availability. In the event of full enrollment, priority in registration is as follows:

  1. Continuing students (those in current classes)

  2. Siblings of a concurrently enrolled student

  3. Siblings of previously enrolled students

  4. Member of any Sonoma County Synagogue

  5. New students who have at least one Jewish parent

  6. New students

Admissions Process

Step 1

Complete our Intent to Enroll Form.

Step 2

Call or Email our Director, Sarah Welton, to set up a tour.

Step 3

Complete the Application and pay the $100 Application Fee.

We will inform you of your acceptance status by emailing or calling the contact(s) listed on your Application.

Step 4

2025/26 Waiting Pool

Contact us to join our waiting pool for the 2025/26 School Year. By joining, you will be among the first to receive enrollment information.

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