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Our Philosophy

Magical & Nurturing

A Reggio-inspired preschool focused on social-emotional growth with wonder and curiosity to inspire a lifelong love of learning through Jewish Values.


Reggio-Inspired Approach

Guiding Principles

Social Constructivism

Image of the Child

Role of the Teacher



Community Involvement


Observation and Documentation


Jewish Values

Kehillah - Community

Tikkun Olam - Repair the World

Kavod - Respect

Hatmadah - Persevere

Shalom - Peace

Chaverut - Friendship

Tzedakah - Help those in Need

Mitzvah - Good Deed

JCC SoCo Preschool warmly welcomes families of all religious affiliations. We utilize Jewish Values to guide our students to be thoughtful and considerate members of their community. These values are human values that people of all backgrounds can use to inspire a life of love, compassion, and integrity.

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